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Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank: March – June Featured Work

June 24, 2020

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank Partners With New Organizations During COVID-19 Response

As part of its overall response to the COVID-19 crisis, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (the Food Bank), which already had more than 350 member agencies in southwestern Pennsylvania prior to the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, has collaborated with more than 60 new organizations to provide food assistance during the pandemic.

The program, COVID Community Organizations, enables churches, community centers, healthcare groups and others the opportunity to provide food to people in need through partnership with the Food Bank.

“During these critical times, it’s our role to provide food resources to everyone who needs them in our region,” said Lisa Scales, President & CEO of the Food Bank. “Whether you are a previously established partner of ours shouldn’t matter, and it won’t. Our mission is to feed people in need and mobilize our community to eliminate hunger, and that’s exactly what we are doing on a very large scale.”

To date, more than 200,000 pounds of food has been distributed to these new partners since the initiative launched on April 13.

One of the new organizations to partner with the Food Bank is Exurbia Home Healthcare. Exurbia, which provides in-home physical and emotional support to individuals, has home-delivered 140 boxes (3,500 pounds) of food to clients in the past two weeks thanks to the Food Bank.

“Through this partnership with the Food Bank, Exurbia has been able to offer an invaluable service to our existing clients during these trying and uncertain times,” said Randy Ford, co-founder & CEO of Exurbia. “In addition to providing quality home health care, we can now offer nutritious meals for our clients who have been affected by COVID-19.”

The Food Bank has allocated 8,100 boxes of food to these new organizations just in the past 6 weeks. These new partners include Hello Neighbor, VA Pittsburgh Health Care and Adagio Health.

While Exurbia is focusing on home delivery of food during the COVID-19 pandemic, they hope to continue this service well into the future.
“Even during regular times, people have hard times,” said Exurbia’s president & cofounder, Robert Walker. “We have quite a few elderly people that we take care of through our home healthcare company. We’re going to take care of them and their families and try to make sure they have enough to eat moving forward.”

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank Sees Record High in Distribution

COVID-19 Fundraisers

  • Feed the Need Telethon with Entercom Radio on April 14th raised $320,000, which can provide up to 1,583,295 meals.
  • Project Community: Day of Giving Telethon with WTAE-TV raised $1,238,249, which can provide up to 6.1 million meals.
  • Feed the Kids Telethon with KDKA-TV raised more than $151,300, which will help provide summer meals for kids in southwestern PA.