Feeding Pennsylvania promotes and aids our member food banks in securing food and other resources to reduce hunger and food insecurity in their communities and across Pennsylvania.

About Feeding Pennsylvania

Feeding Pennsylvania is the statewide association of nine Feeding America affiliated food banks. The mission of Feeding Pennsylvania is to promote and aid our member food banks in securing food and other resources to reduce hunger and food insecurity across the state and to provide a shared voice on the issues of hunger and food access within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our member food banks span across all 67 counties and serve nearly 2 million people annually by distributing more than 164 million pounds of food throughout Pennsylvania to more than 2,700 agencies and feeding programs.

In 2018, our collective workforce included over 400 employees, who hosted more than 43,000 volunteers and facilitated more than 423,000 volunteer hours. Through volunteer efforts and strong community relationships, we spread awareness of food insecurity and hunger in our state.

COVID-19 Pandemic and the Impacts on the Charitable Food Network

The charitable food network has seen an unprecedented rise in need amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying economic downturn. With millions of Pennsylvanians unemployed, the demand for food assistance continues to remain high and food banks are pressed to meet the need in their communities. In fact, Feeding Pennsylvania member food banks have reported significant increases in the need for food assistance in their communities, with an average 65 percent increase in demand.

QUICK FACTS: – Statistics based on the COVID-19 Response –

  • On average, Feeding Pennsylvania’s food banks serve nearly 2.2 million Pennsylvanians annually, yet during the first three months of our COVID-19 response, our food banks served more than 5.5 million people.
  • Nearly 1 in 20 Pennsylvanians are newly food insecure – that’s 634,060 individuals total. Overall, there are now 2.04 million Pennsylvanians (including nearly 630,000 children) who are now food insecure.
  • 64 out of the 67 counties have food insecurity rates at or above 13%. Before COVID-19, just 3 counties did. 32 counties have food insecurity rates at or above 16.5%.

Right now, and throughout the pandemic, Feeding Pennsylvania food banks are doing everything they can to meet the increasing need, but the crisis response has resulted in a significant financial burden. In turn, our food banks have been relying on the generosity of donors to support these costs. Feeding Pennsylvania food banks will continue to fight hunger on the front lines work toward ensuring that every family in Pennsylvania has access to nutritious food.

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